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Dragon Rising by Katie & Kevin Tsang

Dragon Rising is the fourth Dragon Realm adventure by Katie & Kevin Tsang. I keep saying each new book in the series is my favourite, but this one really is! Fast-paced, imaginative and full of wonderful characters, these stories would make absolutely brilliant films.

After his adventures in Dragon City and a fantastic time at camp in China, Billy is at home in California. Life is back to normal – well as normal as it can be when you’re heart bonded with a dragon and can communicate with it telepathically. He misses the dragons and his friends – Charlotte, Dylan & Ling-Fei.

Surfing at his secret beach is the only place Billy feels even close to the joy and freedom he feels when flying with Spark, his dragon. That is, until he sees a giant, turquoise sea dragon in the Human Realm! Billy has to get in touch with the others and find out what’s going on.

With new friends, Lola and Jordan, they discover unusual portals between the Dragon and Human realms. They set off in search of the sanguinem gladio (The Blood Sword), aiming to put a stop to the power-hungry villain who wants to channel the magic of the dragons to create his own superpowers.

Along with the Great Four, it is fantastic to meet the Thunder Clan again. Midnight is the most charming little dragon, full of energy and enthusiasm. Thunder and Lightning share their wisdom and pull everyone together in purpose and friendship. As the two realms collide, so do science and magic – the children must use their knowledge and courage to save the Human Realm before it is completely destroyed.

Thank you to NetGalleyUK and Simon & Schuster UK Children’s for this brilliant adventure!

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