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Dragon Legend: Dragon Realm Series by Katie & Kevin Tsang

April 2021

After being left on an incredible cliff-hanger at the end of Dragon Mountain, the first book in the Dragon Realm series, Dragon Legend picked up the story at high speed and didn’t let up for the entire adventure!

Billy Chan is back with his friends, Charlotte Bell and Liu Ling-Fei, and JJ – who isn’t really his friend at all. They must rescue Dylan who has been taken by the evil Old Gold who lured them all to his summer camp in China with the aim of breaking through into the world of dragons and becoming all powerful. There to help them are the four dragons with whom they have been heart-matched.  This rare and ancient bond means the children have powers they never imagined and a relationship that will see them through.

In this adventure, the children and their dragons must find the eight magical pearls before Old Gold and the Dragon of Death. Relying on their senses, the travel to the most amazing places – fire marshes, blood straight, frozen wasteland – and meet the most amazing creatures along the way.

The children must stand up to the power of dark magic and learn the importance of being loyal, brave, strong and true as they move from one challenge to the next.

Readers will be carried away on this brilliant, fast-paced adventure and be left eagerly anticipating the third instalment.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Children’s Books and NetGalley for this exciting adventure!

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