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Dragon Mountain by Katie & Kevin Tsang

Lose yourself in the legend and magic of Dragon Mountain. For years, the mountain stood quiet, almost as if it were asleep, guarding its secrets and waiting… Waiting for those with pure hearts to come and reawaken the dragons within. When Billy Chan arrives in China for a language culture summer camp, he has no idea about the incredible adventure ahead of him.

It is an unusual summer camp. In its inaugural year, there are only twelve specially selected children – the best and brightest with potential to learn a great deal about Mandarin and Chinese heritage. Billy soon makes new friends and is fascinated by the stories Old Gold, their teacher, has to tell them: tales of mystical dragons, mighty battles between good and evil, and the Dragon’s Heart. However, when strange things start to happen, Billy and his friends wonder if there is more to these stories than just legend.

The story continues with the most amazing dragons. Each has its own strength, personality and allure. Beautifully described with stunning colours, deadly features and incredible powers, they live in hope of the fulfilment of a prophecy – that four humans will open the mountain and break the curse. They want nothing more than to find their human kindred spirits and defeat the evil dragons who have taken over the Dragon Realm. Billy, Dylan, Charlotte and Ling-Fei find they have the most amazing connections with these dragons and are enveloped in a heart-stopping adventure full of danger and suspense. Will they make it back alive or even in one piece? They will certainly never be the same again.

Readers will be carried away in this perilous story of fire, ice, magical powers and magnificent dragons. The characters soon become friends and it feels as if we are part of the thrilling adventure, experiencing every spine-tingling moment first hand. As the Human Realm and Dragon Realm collide, the battle to defeat evil is immense. Non-stop action and astonishingly treacherous moments will leave readers breathless until they reach the final page!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Children’s UK and NetGalley for this amazing book!

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