Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Boy Whose Wishes Came True by Helen Rutter

Heart-warming, inspirational and empathy-building, The Boy Whose Wishes Came True is a book every child and every teacher needs to read.

When Archie Crumb was little, his mum used to tell him to make a wish every chance he got – birthday candles, a rainbow, a snowflake, everything was wish-worthy. He had no idea the road his life would take and how much he would need those wishes.

Now, his life is anything but easy. His parents have split up, his dad has a new family and his mum isn’t well enough to get out of bed. Thrust into the role of young carer, Archie has no choice but to try his best to look after his mum, the house and all the jobs that come with it. Being the kid with dirty uniform, empty cupboards and a messy house makes each day a challenge. When his dad left, his parents promised him that everything would be ok but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Archie’s home life is a secret. Not even his best friend, Mouse, realises just how difficult things are for him. He spends every second weekend with his dad but no matter what he does, he just doesn’t feel welcome. The only thing he enjoys is his collection of football cards and following the legendary player Lucas Bailey.

One day, Archie falls off his bike, hits his head and wakes up to find none other than Lucas Bailey standing next to him. Like a genie, he offers Archie nine wishes. Is this for real? Is this really Archie’s chance to change his life? Will wishes fix everything or are there some things only he can fix for himself?

This story is emotional and real. Readers will find themselves cheering for Archie as he navigates the twists and turns of his new powers, willing his wishes to come true. The issues facing young carers are presented sensitively without shying away from the difficulties they face. For children who are living a similar life to Archie, the importance of asking for help and accessing resources is gently woven into the text.

The Boy Whose Wishes Came True is a book that will stay with you. There are so many Archie Crumbs in the world who need to be seen and supported with compassion, friendship and love.

Thank you to Harriet Dunlea & Scholastic Children’s Books for this wonderful book!

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