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As Large as Life by Jonny Marx & Sandhya Prabhat

As Large As Life is one of those books that calls to readers, tempting them to open the cover and explore inside. The animal illustrations are gorgeous – appealing, sometimes slightly scary, and absolutely majestic. They draw the eye around the page until it settles on a favourite, ready to find out more. I love the resourceful red fox, snoozing seal, African penguin and the wide-eyed moose.

Covering twenty-six habitats, this large non-fiction book focuses on the sizes of the creatures that call these fascinating places home. From the Himalayas to the coral reef to the Antarctic to the River Nile, Earth’s diversity is highlighted on every page. Bite-sized pieces of information make it incredibly accessible and will keep readers coming back again and again.

This is a perfect book for a classroom library (if you can stop children from arguing over it)!

Thank you to Little Tiger for this intriguing book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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