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The Christmas Pine by Julia Donaldson & Victoria Sandoy

I love this time of year when shiny, new Christmas stories make their way into the world, sprinkling Christmas spirit around the country. It won’t be long until we’re cuddling up in front of the Christmas tree in the twinkling lights sharing these wonderful books.

The Christmas Pine is the story of a beautiful pine tree that was given to the city of London by the people of Norway. After growing up tall, it made the long journey across the sea until it stood strong and straight in the busy square. It brought so much joy to the people passing and loved listening to children sing. Their traditional songs reminded the tree of a very special story of others who travelled far – following a star and finding a peace that would spread across the world.

Victoria Sandoy’s illustrations create a warm, Christmas feeling with soft colours and a sense of importance for the tree. The relationship between the tree and the children is highlighted as they grow and shine just like the Christmas pine.

This lovely, rhyming story is based on the true story of the Queen of the Forest that is carefully grown for Trafalgar Square. Each year, the UK Poetry Society asks a poet to write a poem to welcome the tree. This story is Julia Donaldson’s offering for the 2020 tree.

Thank you to Scholastic for this beautiful book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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