Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee

The thing with dragons was that no one expected to find one.

Pip loves spending time in the magic and peace of the creek. It’s much better than the tense atmosphere at home where her mum’s partner, Matt, is angry, threatening and controlling most of the time. Pip loves her mum and wants nothing more than for the two of them to run away and find a life where they can be happy and safe.

One day, Pip finds a strange creature in the mud. There’s no other possible explanation than the wonderful reality that she has found a baby dragon. She sneaks it home to care for it. The more time she spends with the dragon, the more its power runs through her. Pip feels herself begin to change. She is stronger, braver, more in tune with her feelings.

This is a unique and powerful story. The link between the strength of the dragon and the strength of Pip and her mum has left me thinking long after the book ended. The dragon came along just when Pip needed it, providing friendship, purpose and the chance to change her life.

Dragon Skin addresses issues of domestic abuse and fleeing to safety in a gentle yet empowering manner.

Thank you to Pushkin Press for this beautiful book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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