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Welcome to Consent by Yumi Stynes & Dr Melissa Kang

What is “Consent” and why is it so important that everyone understands what it means? This book is the ultimate guide to this essential concept – ensuring that readers make important decisions about what they are and are not ok with and how to communicate this to others. Going beyond “Yes means yes” and “No means no”, it addresses all the issues that can make relationships confusing and how we deal with them.

The Golden Rules of Consent are set out clearly in language young people can comprehend. The vocabulary and illustrations are friendly and engaging with bite-sized amounts of information that can be digested easily and mulled over bit by bit. Using the metaphor of borrowing a t-shirt, very personal topics are presented in a more comfortable manner.

The final section of the book delves into more mature topics of sex and intimacy. It allows young people to make decisions about what they are comfortable with before they find themselves in these situations and equips them with strategies for what to do if things start to feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

The beginning of this book is suitable for Year 6+ with parental guidance. The “For When You Are Ready” section is more appropriate for teens and would lay the groundwork for some very meaningful conversations with parents or in PSHE lessons at secondary school. I would not just hand this book to a young person without their significant adults being aware of the contents.

Overall, this book is incredibly empowering. It will help young people to understand all of the issues around ownership of their bodies and how to keep themselves safe and happy.

Thank you to Little Tiger for this important book!

Welcome to your Period! is another helpful book from Yumi Stynes & Dr Melissa Kang

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