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Welcome to Your Period by Yumi Stynes & Dr. Melissa Kang. Illustrated by Jenny Latham

Welcome to Your Period is a book for every adolescent girl as well as their parents, carers and teachers. It is a friendly, honest and incredibly practical guide to growing up and all the changes it brings. With a chatty style and clear facts, girls will find it very accessible and keep coming back to it again and again. My own daughter peered over my shoulder when I was first flicking through it then disappeared off with it keen to read more.

The facts are backed up by clear, scientific information while the authors emphasise that these changes are things that happen to all women. They seek to reassure any feelings of anxiety and continually remind readers of who they can go to for more information or help. The information is cross-referenced, easily leading readers to other sections of the book to find out more. Readers are able to jump around to find just the answers they are looking for.

The book is up to date (2020) with information about menstrual cups and period pants as well as environmental issues. The illustrations are very diverse with individuals of a variety of ethnicities and body types. The authors add to the information with many personal stories sharing anecdotes of things that have happened to real women.

With practical tips for things like swimming, sleepovers, sports, talking to teachers and living with a single Dad, this book is sure to be one girls will keep and refer back to.

As with any book of this type, I strongly recommend that adults read through it themselves before giving it to a young person. This will allow you to fully understand the information they are reading and prepare you for any questions that may arise.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for this important book.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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