Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Wolfstongue by Sam Thompson & illustrated by Anna Tromop

Wolfstongue is a story of connection – connection to the earth, to animals, to yourself.

Silas likes being by himself. A stammer and the bullies who torment him force him to keep to himself, to keep quiet and face the world alone. But when he finds an injured wolf on the cycle path, he becomes involved in a story that is greater than himself.

Silas has a choice to make. Will he stand by the wolves and heal their society, protecting them from the aggressive foxes who want to rule the land? Or will he shrink back into the life he knows and let bullies dominate him again? In the end, he must make the ultimate choice.

An incredible animal story, Wolfstongue is full of symbolism and messages of strength and self-belief. Readers journey with Silas to face moral decisions and questions about each creature’s place in nature. The power of words become clear as Silas finds his voice and learns to be true to himself.

Thank you to Little Island Books for this powerful story.

About Wolfstongue:

Deep in the Forest, the foxes live in an underground city built by their wolf slaves. The foxes’ leader Reynard controls everything with his clever talk.

Silas is bullied at school because his words will not come. He wishes he could live in silence as animals do.

One day Silas helps an injured wolf. Then he enters the secret world of the Forest, where the last remaining wolves fight to survive. But even there, language is power.

Can Silas find his voice in time to help his wolf friends – can he become the Wolfstongue?

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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