Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

More Than a Game – Emmy Levels Up & Amber Under Cover

Emmy Levels Up by Helen Harvey & Amber Under Cover by Em Norry are exciting new middle grade novels from Oxford University Press. Both of these brilliant stories feature girls who are fantastic at games. Emmy is a talented video gamer while Amber excels at escape rooms. When real life becomes too difficult, these clever girls escape into their games and use their gifts to play a completely different life.

Emmy Levels Up by Helen Harvey

Emmy doesn’t fit in. She finds school difficult and is regularly bullied by Vanessa, the Queen of Mean. Nothing Emmy does seems to make a difference. But when she’s gaming, everything is better. She’s a champion and has no problem defeating the Mulch Queen. Emmy must find a way to transfer the confidence she has in video games to her everyday life so she can find her true friends, start to believe in herself and celebrate her talents.

Amber Under Cover by Em Norry

Amber loves escape rooms: the codes, clues, mysterious passageways and problem solving. When she solves one with her friends, the owners of Escape Zone take notice and invite her back to try a new in-game VR format. Things aren’t as they seem and the people she meets are actually spies! Amber finds herself in the world of espionage and facing situations she never even dreamed of. Does she have what it takes to stay under cover and complete her mission or will she be found out, putting everyone at risk?!

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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