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Rampaging Rugby by Robin Bennett & illustrated by Matt Cherry ~ Tom, age 11

We were so excited to receive this brilliant rugby guide from Firefly Press. My 11 year-old son, Tom, isn’t a big football fan – he much prefers rugby – so this is just the book for him.

Here are his top ten reasons why this is a great book!

1. Easy to understand – The language is really clear and kid friendly. All the key words are in bold and there are lots of really useful headings.

2. Funny – The explanations are written in a really funny way – like how rugby started when some barbarians chopped someone’s head off and started throwing it around for amusement. It might not all be exactly true but it will definitely keep readers interested. Everything is really exaggerated and hilarious.

3. Things that have happened in past games – I like finding out about things that happened in the past. The history of rugby is really interesting.

4. Great illustrations – The illustrations are really funny. They make some of the giants on the opposing teams looks like something out of Jack and the Beanstalk!

5. Explains the game and rules well – It explains everything you can and can’t do in a really fun way.

6. Fascinating Facts boxes – There are lots of really interesting extra facts added to the pages. My favourite fact is that in 1999 in a match against Wales, Scotland kicked off and scored within 9 seconds – the fastest try in test history!

7. Quotes – I really like the quotes and pro-tips. It’s great to hear from real players.

8. Chapters are well organised – This makes it really easy to find information.

9. Stats from games – At the back of the book, there are great lists of past winners of international competitions, trophies and major leagues.

10. ‘Keywords and what they mean’ section – At the back, there’s a great glossary of terms. It’s helpful for quickly finding out what something means.

Overall, this is an amazing book. It’s perfect for kids who like rugby and want to find out more!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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