Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Cooking Club Detectives by Ewa Jozefkowicz

When Erin and her mum move to a new flat, she worries about starting over – a new school, new friends, new challenges. Right at the heart of this new community, Erin discovers the Skipton House Community Centre bursting with music, fun and friendship. In between the creche, sports and the food bank, there is the Magic Breakfast – a breakfast club for children in need.

Erin’s mum has a passion for healthy cooking and affordable recipes which are sprinkled throughout the book. Following in her mum’s footsteps, Erin joins an after school cooking club in the community centre and makes some great new friends. Everything seems to be going so well but it’s too good to last. Erin’s mum loses her job and it looks like their new life might over. At the same time, the children learn that the community centre is to be sold leaving no place for the Magic Breakfast or any of the other activities.

The children are determined not to lose something so important to them all and set out to solve the mystery. Who is buying the community centre? What do they want to do with it? There must be a way to save it!

This story is a powerful reflection of our time, building empathy and strength. The characters model teamwork, acceptance and resilience as they strive to save what they value most. Issues of food poverty and inequality are incredibly important for children to understand, having been compounded by the pandemic and pushed into the spotlight by supporters such as Marcus Rashford. The Cooking Club Detectives is sure to inspire children to make a difference in their communities.

Thank you to Fritha Lindqvist & Zephyr Books for this captivating mystery and meaningful story!

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