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Pinkie and Boo! by Chae Strathie & illustrated by Francis Martin ~ Blog Tour

Pinkie and Boo! is a funny and relatable story full of BIG FEELINGS. When little Pinkie finds out she’s going to have a little brother, she is NOT happy. Life is about to change and she knows it. Charmingly overdramatic, pre-schooler Pinkie laments all of the terrible things that are probably going to happen to her once this baby comes along (including being carried away by evil seagulls) and she is no longer the precious little one.

Mum and Dad try to help Pinkie cope by giving her a new cuddly monkey, Boo. It turns out that Boo can talk and is full of ideas to solve “the baby problem”. Chaos ensues and Pinkie finds herself in even more of a mess. Mum and Dad don’t seem to understand that it was all Boo’s idea! Finally, they come up with something that makes everyone happy and Pinkie receives the positive attention she’s been craving.

Both children and parents will enjoy this charming picture book. Young children will identify with Pinkie’s worries about being left out and jealousy of the new baby while parents won’t be able to help but smile at her head-strong, feisty ways. Pinkie is a little girl who knows what she wants and is determined to get it!

About the author:

Chae Strathie is an award-winning children’s author and journalist who lives in the vibrant city of Dundee. He has written 24 books for children, from picture books to young fiction and non-fiction, and has won the Bookbug Children’s Book Award twice. He is also the winner of several other picture book awards, from Sussex to Dundee. His most recent work includes a historical non-fiction series called So You Think You’ve Got It Bad with the British Museum.

Chae is renowned for his high-energy, zany live shows that combine reading with music, dance, puppetry, and comedy, and have captivated audiences in schools as far afield as Romania, and at major book festivals such as Edinburgh, Hay, Wigtown, Borders and Aye Write.

About the illustrator:

Francis studied sculpture at Liverpool School of Art in the Eighties. Unfortunately he developed an allergy to marble dust so he gave it up and joined a rock ‘n’ roll band. In spite of limited musical talent he took part in five John Peel sessions, made five albums and he went to New York, invented ‘Grunge Rock’ fact! He came back to Liverpool, designed record covers and drew cartoons that were published in The Guardian, Private Eye and other magazines and he never stopped drawing and telling stories.

When he became a dad he read picture books to his child and realised that this was a world that he would like to be a part of. So off he trotted back to Art School in order to complete his date with destiny – Cambridge this time where he found out he wasn’t allergic to ink and that drawing was fun.

Francis is the author of Daddy Hair Do which won the Oxfordshire Book Awards in 2020.

Thank you to Little Door Books for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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