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Unlocked: Stories of hope from Tiny Owl artists in lockdown

As we emerge from the third lockdown in the UK, this incredible book from Tiny Owl reminds us of the things that have gotten us through. Isolation and distance have been so hard but there has been beauty in the quiet moments. For many of us, life has slowed down and there has been more time to explore creativity and nature. We have been forced to embrace new activities, new technologies and new ways to communicate with loved ones.

Unlocked is overflowing with stories of hope from Tiny Owl artists from all over the world. Their personal experiences of lockdown have been depicted through beautiful illustrations in their own distinctive styles. Images and words of kindness, positivity and community are inspiring and remind readers of what we’ve all shared, even in our distance.

Through a time when the world stood still, life changed for everyone and we were forced to adapt. We discovered new places to walk and new trees to climb. We spent more time than ever with our pets (who loved every minute) and tried all sorts of new recipes. We found new ways to celebrate special days and took time to appreciate the special details in life.

Published in April 2021, one year from the first national lockdown, Unlocked captures this unique time in history and gives us all a beautiful keepsake.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this lovely book!  

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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