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Grace-Ella: Pixie Pandemonium by Sharon Marie Jones

June 2021

Grace-Ella: Pixie Pandemonium is the third book in a fun series aimed at 7-9 year olds from Sharon Marie Jones & Adrianna J. Puglisi. It is just the kind of books my daughters would have loved when they were a little bit younger – a magical story with an environmental message, manageable chapters, and charming illustrations. Add in a grumpy cat and it’s absolutely brilliant!

Grace-Ella has returned from Witch Camp and has had the best week ever! Just as she’s settling back in at home, she discovers that a pixie has stowed away in her backpack. Pixies are trouble and now she’s in an official pixie predicament!

At school, the Christmas Fair is approaching and the children in Grace-Ella’s class have been tasked with coming up with something to make and sell. The winners will receive an “Excellent Entrepreneur” award and the chance to donate the takings to the charity of their choice.  When someone steals the charity fund, Grace-Ella, her friends and Buddy Whiffleflip (the mischievous pixie) must work together to find out the truth.

Readers can find out more about The Woodland Trust and how to make Pinecone Pixies to play with or even to decorate their Christmas tree.

Thank you to Firefly Press for this lovely book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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