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Flamingo Fashion by Samantha Hunter (audiobook) – Blog Tour

Flamingo Fashion by Samantha Hunter and Maggy Roberts is a story bursting with fantastically fun characters and brilliant language!

The audiobook is so engaging! Michael Maloney creates superb voices that bring each character to life with its own, unique personality. We love the deep-voiced lion with his nose in the air, thinking he’s better than everyone else, and the cool dude giraffe who loves disco!

Freddie and Fifi are two fabulous fashionista flamingos who set out to help the beasts of the plains by opening a boutique full of wonderful clothing. They encourage each animal to try something new. The crocodile’s in flipflops and the giraffe’s in flares. Glitter, feathery headdresses, lip gloss and bonnets – there are all sorts of bright and brilliant things to try.

The animals primp and preen but soon their new outfits start to cause all sorts of chaos. In the end, they realise they don’t need anything extra – the animals are amazing just as they are.

This fun story is accompanied by a brilliant website:

Children can try all sorts of great activities like designing a hat for the lion, creating a disco ball to dance with the giraffe or making a pair of flip flops for the crocodile. They are also encouraged to think about the things that are special about themselves and celebrate who they are.

About the Author:

Sam Hunter is a full-time mum, podcast host and entrepreneur. She started
writing after the birth of her son in 2017 and self-published her first book –
Flamingo Fashion – at the end of 2020.
Sam wrote creatively as a young girl on her weekends and during visits to her
mum’s office in the summer holidays. All of her writing was about animals and
it is no wonder that her first book is a children’s story set in an animal’s world!
Her first book, a middle grade novel called Freddie’s Fantastic Adventures, was
inspired by a children’s t-shirt with a flamingo on the front and while out
walking a few years later, the idea for Flamingo Fashion popped into her head!
Sam is passionate about developing both children’s and adult’s creativity and her
writing is designed to inspire imaginations in a fun and playful way. Proceeds
from the book are going to the LitWorld charity, who work to develop
children’s creative confidence and literacy skills, through the power of
Sam lives with her son, daughter and husband in Hertfordshire, England.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Audible.

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