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Loud! by Rose Robbins

LOUD! is another wonderfully inclusive story from author/illustrator Rose Robbins.

Abigail finds school difficult. Her ADHD means she can be disruptive in class, struggles to concentrate and becomes frustrated with herself and others. She doesn’t want to do writing. She’d rather scribble, fiddle and stare out the window. When things get too much, she finds herself in the calming down room which isn’t very fun.

When Abigail goes to music class, things aren’t any better. She can’t play any of the instruments and frustration creeps in. With nothing going right, her negative self-talk grows until she explodes. Struggling to express herself, a scream is all she can manage. She doesn’t want to be naughty and get into trouble but she just can’t help herself.

Then she meets a very special teacher. Miss Butler is able to turn a negative situation into a positive and allows Abigail to be true to who she really is. By believing in Abigail and truly understanding her, they find success together.

LOUD! is an incredibly important story for all children. It is a celebration of diversity and working together for the good of everyone. For children with special needs, they are able to see themselves in a book and feel valued and recognised. The familiar experiences and positive portrayal of helpful reactions and solutions means everyone can learn how to cope with challenges and have fun together.

Click here to take a look at another book by Rose Robbins, Me and My Sister.

Thank you to Scallywag Press for this fantastic book! I can’t wait to share it.

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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