Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Fierce, Fearless and Free by Lari Don & illustrated by Eilidh Muldoon

Fierce, Fearless and Free is a wonderful collection of powerful girls in myths and legends from around the world. From Armenia to Lithuania to Scotland to Mexico to China to Siberia, heroines in thirteen tales from across the globe will inspire children with their strength and wit. There is something for everyone and plenty to support a wonderful class topic. It is reminiscent of Sophie Anderson’s The Girl Who Speaks Bear in its celebration of girls’ ability to be true to themselves and find out just what they are capable of.

Kandek and the Wolf: an Armenian folktale

In this traditional “Once upon a time” story, Kandek is travelling through the forest to take her father some lunch. Along the way, she meets an old woman who tricks her into coming close and giving her some food. Kandek is polite and generous but, as the woman transforms into a werewolf, she is captured. Kandek uses all of her intellect to outwit the wolf and try to escape. This story is a wonderful mix of Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel.

As they read the wonderful stories contained in this book, children will love spotting similarities and making comparisons to other traditional stories with which they are already so comfortable. The values contained in these stories are universal and the lessons learned are for everyone. This book will be a valuable contribution to both classrooms and homes for children and adults to share together.

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