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AB Gets His Wings by Richard Bland & Rosie Philpott

AB is a loveable teddy bear who lives on the shelf of a warehouse. Every day he waits patiently, hoping this will be the day he is chosen to go and live with a new family. Each evening, he loves to fly with the toy planes that sit on the highest shelves. He zooms around the warehouse startling the other toys. Finally, one day, it looks like his dream will come true. AB finds himself packed in a box and sent far away. So many questions fill his little head – Where am I going? Who will be there? Is this going to be my forever home? When his box is eventually unpacked, AB is surprised to find himself on the island of Anglesey at a Royal Airforce base. He is the new mascot for a team of RAF pilots. AB’s dreams are coming true! There couldn’t be a more exciting place for a little bear to live!

This charming story sees AB experience a range of emotions. He is hopeful, worried and anxious at the warehouse. He becomes nervous, unsure and shy as he travels to his new home. Once he arrives, he feels more at ease, happy, calm and then incredibly excited about all of his new adventures. By sharing this story, children are given the opportunity to develop their empathy for the feelings of others and talk about their own emotions. Have there been times when they’ve felt similar to AB? How did they handle it? Can they offer AB any advice?

AB Gets His Wings also showcases the magnificent RAF. Their hard work and dedication are second to none. AB is thrilled to go for a ride in a plane with the pilots and experience their incredible flying skills. The RAF has come a long way since it was founded in 1918. Following successes in two world wars and subsequent conflicts, it is important for children to learn about the rich history of the RAF. This is a wonderful book to read in honour of VE Day and other special days of remembrance.

Children at Farsley Farfield Primary School in Leeds would love AB and his adventures with links to the Royal Airforce. Their school grounds are the site of a First World War airfield. Follow this link to find out more about Farsley Airfield. I wonder if AB would have liked to fly in one of the original B.E.2 biplanes over the skies of West Yorkshire in 1916?

This heart-warming story is reminiscent of other tales of cuddly friends like Corduroy and The Velveteen Rabbit. The illustrations are warm and inviting as children find a new life-long friend. We hope to read more AB adventures in the future!

This book project has links to the Royal Airforces Association and The Dove Service, a bereavement counselling charity.  

You can contact author Richard Bland via his website:

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You can watch a lovely video of this story here:

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