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Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond by Alex English

Get ready to be carried away on a heart-stopping adventure of secrets, airships, maps, stolen jewels and pirates! Sky Pirates by Alex English joins the ranks of Brightstorm (Vashti Hardy) and Cogheart (Peter Bunzl) as a brilliant science fiction airship adventure with a strong, clever girl at its centre.

Eleven-year-old Echo lives in the palace of Lockhart as the king’s ward and really doesn’t fit in. She knows nothing of her past or who her parents are. Her only clue is a beautiful hair pin with a golden wolf head and a single emerald eye that was left amongst her blankets when she was a baby. Echo longs to venture outside the castle and find someone like her, to find her parents and who she truly is. However, an old prophecy and the orders of the cruel king mean the gates of the city remain locked and no one is permitted to journey into the land beyond. The belief that there is nothing beyond the Barren keeps the people inside and living under a tyrant.

Then one night, Echo is woken by a huge turquoise and copper airship outside her bedroom window. She meets the most unusual Professor Mangrove Baggerwing – inventor, explorer, adventure – who claims to have come from a city beyond the Barren. Could this be true? Could there be more to the world? Could her parents be out there somewhere? Echo has to find out and sets off on the greatest adventure of her life! Accompanied by her pet lizard, Gilbert, and her friend, the crown prince Horace, Echo faces dangers and mysteries that lead her to places she never imagined. Will she end up with the same fate as Beatrix Skitterbrook, the Woman who Thought the World Went On, and disappear forever or will she discover the truth she’s always dreamed of and find out where she really belongs?

This amazing adventure will be published by Simon and Schuster Children’s UK in July 2020. Thank you to NetGalley for this fantastic book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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