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Snooze – A Helpful Guide for Sleepy Owls by Eilidh Muldoon

Sleep can be tricky. New experiences, a warm night or a few worries can make falling asleep seem almost impossible for little ones.

Snooze is a charming self-help style guide to getting a good night’s sleep. The simple, step-by-step instructions make it seem so easy – the narrator obviously hasn’t been in this forest before! Owl tries everything suggested: getting comfortable, finding a quiet spot and a listening to a soothing lullaby. Every step of the way, funny problems make it more and more difficult to nod off. Readers will be sure to feel sorry for Owl as she struggles to settle down (but have a little laugh at the same time).

This adorably illustrated book is full of friendly animals with incredibly expressive faces. From the sleepy owl to the raucous cats and dogs, these characters will become firm favourites and spark imaginations.  The language of the story is comfortable and engaging while providing lots of chance for discussion. What is raucous? What does it mean to be disturbed? In addition, the loud animal sounds and great onomatopoeia will have listeners joining in with great enthusiasm!

Snooze is perfect for reading aloud either at bedtime to help little readers settle down with happy thoughts or to enjoy with friends and giggle at all of the disruptions. It provides a great opportunity to talk about healthy sleep habits and what helps us to fall asleep. It would find a very happy home in any EYFS or Key Stage One classroom.

Be sure to visit the Little Door Books website for the audiobook and a specially written song to accompany the story.

Thank you to Little Door Books for this gorgeous picture book!

For more beautiful illustrations by Eilidh Muldoon, take a look at Fierce, Fearless and Free.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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