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21% Monster by P.J. Canning ~ Blog Tour

Fans of Rick Riordan will absolutely love this new series from P.J. Canning! Science-fiction, monsters, aliens, jail breaks and fugitives on the run – it’s packed full of non-stop action!

Darren Devlin is a wanted person, not only by the police, but also a secret organisation who wants to “Extract, Evaluate & Eliminate” his kind. He’s powerful, dangerous and completely misunderstood. When he destroys his school, he realises there is no turning back. He has to find out the truth about who he is or live a life of fear.

This adventure doesn’t slow down. Darren and the readers on the run with him must work out who they can trust and what the reality of our DNA means for us.

I’m thrilled to share the intriguing prologue for 21% Monster!


The body-cam video wobbled as the policeman ran, shouting, “Back from the van. Get back from the van!”

All around the car park, teenagers in blue blazers were huddled in groups. The officer ran between them, past a burning school building, towards a small group of kids who were being shepherded by a man away from the fire.

“Not towards the van, mate. AWAY FROM THE VAN!” The wobbling body-cam image shifted from a boy, frozen in a moment of terror, and centred on the police van that the officer was sprinting towards. One of the back doors was hanging off its hinges, a twisted wreck, and inside some sort of struggle was going on. The officer jumped into the middle of the melee. The video lurched this way and that as an inhuman roar almost drowned out the cries of other officers.

“Calm down, now. Calm down!”

“Cuff him, quick!”

“You’re okay, son, you’re okay!”

Another roar erupted from the middle of the struggle.

“You need to look at me!” shouted the officer wearing the body cam. “I’ve got you, I’ve got you! Calm down! That’s good, now just breathe. That’s it…”

“Okay,” another officer called out, her voice strained with effort. “‘I’ve cuffed him!”

A blur of light-blue hair filled the body-cam picture as the officer broke away from the struggle. The video veered wildly,  as the officer jumped clear of the van and then refocused on the wrecked vehicle. Inside sat a boy with his hands cuffed. His head was down, showing his blueish-blond hair, his extremely broad shoulders heaving as he breathed. He looked up, revealing a young, frightened face with amber-yellow eyes…

The video ended abruptly. Miss Inghart looked at the face staring out of her tablet, committing it to memory, and then glanced at Mr Ducas as he drove. “We have our target.”

Ducas kept his eyes on the road and answered calmly in his distinctive North-Wales accent. “The video’s on social media already?”

“Yes. Somebody leaked it. We don’t have long.” “Farlington’s two hours away.”

“Make it ninety minutes,” Miss Inghart answered.

“Copy that.” Ducas glanced at her. “What are our orders?” he asked as he accelerated into the outside lane of the motorway, the car’s hidden blue lights now flashing.

Miss Inghart quoted from the secure message she’d received: “Identify whether the target is of interest. If he is, complete a Triple E operation.”

Ducas nodded. “Okay. Do we have info on the target yet? Name? Age?”

“Coming through now…” Miss Inghart read the information and grimaced. “His name is Darren Devlin. He’s twelve years old.”

Ducas raised an eyebrow as he squeezed his way through traffic at high speed. “They’ve confirmed this is Triple E?”

“Affirmative,” Miss Inghart replied. “Extract. Evaluate. Eliminate.”

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