Book Review, Chapter Book (7-9)

Autumn Moonbeam: Dance Magic by Emma Finlayson-Palmer & Heidi Cannon

Autumn Moonbeam: Dance Magic is just the book my dance-loving daughter would have adored when she was a little bit younger. Just like my little girl, Autumn is a twin who is trying to find where she belongs. When Sparkledale Dance Academy opens up for auditions for the Black Cats dance squad, Autumn can’t wait to try out. Even though she loves to dance, she has doubts. What if she isn’t good enough? What if her nasty neighbour, Severina Bloodworth, gets chosen instead? What if she’s the only one out of her group of friends who isn’t chosen?

Young readers will identify with Autumn’s nerves and lack of confidence. As they giggle their way through this gorgeously fun story, they’ll see that it’s ok to feel anxious and that trying something new is often worth the risk.

Autumn Moonbeam’s family and friends are the most wonderful collection of characters! Funny, mischievous and delightfully messy, they love and support her no matter what. Heidi Cannon’s illustrations bring them to life with so many unique features. One of the dance coaches is in a wheelchair which is presented as a completely natural occurrence – inclusion without needing to point it out. The cover is so appealing. Sparkly and full of fun, it will place this series with the other magical chapter book series already so popular. Children are sure to gravitate towards it.

Watch out for the second book in the series, Autumn Moonbean: Spooky Sleepover, coming in October 2022.

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