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The Dragon in the Bookshop by Ewa Jozefkowiez ~ Blog Tour & Guest Post

The Dragon in the Bookshop is a powerful story about childhood bereavement, friendship and finding strength. Ewa Jozefkowiez gives her characters a voice even when they’re unable to speak.

When Kon’s father dies, he finds comfort in quiet. More than anything, he wants to be the intrepid explorer Dad always encouraged him to be – bold and fearless. It isn’t until he meets Maya and travels 800 years into the past that he realises how much strength he actually has and the incredible power of dragons!

I’m honoured to share a special guest post by Ewa Jozefkowiez about her inspirations for the story and her partnership with the charity Grief Encounter.

The Dragon in the Bookshop is a book about many things – a dinosaur, a dragon, the different creatures who inhabit the ponds and marshland in Britain’s only desert, and a king who lives in medieval Kraków. But it’s predominantly the story of Kon, who is grieving the loss of his dad. Kon is so distraught by what has happened that he stops speaking. He’s struggling at school, and failing to connect with his mum, who is deeply worried about him.  

When visiting his Dad’s bookshop, Kon and his new friend Maya are plunged into Kon’s favourite book of folk tales. Whisked back in time to quest with a dragon, they must rid the town of the beast, and provide a happy end to the story in the book and in real life. Their mission takes them on many unexpected twists and turns, particularly when it comes to understanding the dragon, who is much more complex than anyone could have expected.

Kon’s story is very close to my heart, as it’s based on my own experience of losing my dad as a teenager. He read me many stories and legends and truly ignited my love of reading. When he died, I missed him so much that I didn’t really want to speak to anyone. Through the character of Kon, I revisited those early emotions. Through his relationship with Maya, I also wanted to explore how having the right channels of support can completely change a child’s outlook on a devastating situation.

I hope that my story helps children look at grief in a slightly different light and offers reassurance to anyone who has been through a similar experience.

The book will also support Grief Encounter, a wonderful charity working with bereaved children, whose impact I saw first-hand when working in the education sector.

The Dragon in the Bookshop by Ewa Jozefkowicz (front cover illustration by Katy Riddell) is out on 7th July 2022 and will help promote Grief Encounter ( a wonderful charity that works with children who have lost someone they love.

Grief Encounter have a message for children and young people like Kon. As a charity they work closely with individuals, families, schools and professionals to offer a way through the anxiety, fear and isolation so often caused by the grief of losing someone close.

Grief Encounter provide immediate support with a FREEPHONE Grieftalk helpline 0808 802 0111 open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, a live chat via their website or support by emailing

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Thank you to Zephyr Books & Fritha Lindqvist for this special book!

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