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Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler by Hannah Peck ~ Blog Tour

Since Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys or the adventures of the Famous Five, mystery stories for children have been incredibly popular. The thrill of unravelling clues right along with the characters keep young readers turning page after page. Now author/illustrator Hannah Peck has teamed up with Piccadilly Press to share a new lower middle grade mystery series.

Kate on the Case follows aspiring special correspondent Kate – a talented investigative reporter – as she strives to uncover the truth at every turn. Even in the most unusual situations, she and her mouse Rupert will sniff out the story and put things right.

The Call of the Silver Wibbler is the second book in this fun illustrated series. Kate and Rupert are on a steamboat in the jungle in search of a legendary bird – the Silver Wibbler. Some believe it’s only a myth while others are more than certain it really exists. With the help of their new friend Bertie the birdwatcher, Kate and Rupert are determined to find this elusive bird and crack the story of a lifetime.

Children will be completely engaged by the silly antics this detective team get up to complete with hilarious illustrations. Nothing ever goes smoothly – why would it when there are locks to pick, boats to steal, wild animals to contend with and a kidnapping or two?

Thank you to Piccadilly Books for this fantastic series! Don’t miss the rest of the stops on this great blog tour!

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