Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Wondrous Prune by Ellie Clements

The Wondrous Prune is a magical treat exploding with empathy and PSHE themes. Dealing with bereavement, moving house, starting at a new school, friendships, bullying and being pushed into criminal activity is all dealt with sensitively and in a way that empowers children.

Prune is just an ordinary kid who wishes she could be a superhero. One day, she discovers she actually does have a superpower and everything changes. All of her emotions around settling into a new school and facing the horrible “Vile-lets” everyday burst out of her in clouds of colour. Not only that, but when these emotions are stirred up, Prune is able to make her drawings come to life! Suddenly, she has so many opportunities. She can create food to eat, toys to play with, even giant hot air balloons so she can escape the bullies. But Prune also realises that with great power, comes great responsibility. How can she control her power to help her friends, family and herself to find happiness?

The Wondrous Prune is the perfect book for class read aloud and discussion. Funny, surprising and touching, readers will identify with so many of Prune’s feelings. They will be able to share times when they felt the same and offer suggestions for how Prune can try to make things better on her own – without using her magical superpowers. Discussions about choices – who we choose to be friends with, how we choose to react to unkindness, how we choose to behave – will bubble up from the story and encourage children to make positive choices for themselves.

Thank you to Bloomsbury Children’s for this important book!

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