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Fantastic Picture Books from Gecko Press

Bumblebee Grumblebee by David Elliot

A wonderfully fun play on words, Bumblebee Grumblebee encourages children to experiment with sounds and enjoy the silliness of language. Each page depicts an activity from a small child’s life – getting dressed, playing, even going to the potty – and twists it into something funny. This beautifully illustrated board book is sure to be requested again and again.

The Tale of the Tiny Man by Barbro Lindgren & illustrated by Eva Eriksson

The Tale of the Tiny Man is a classic Swedish picture book with a lovely message. Themes of respect for others, consideration for the elderly and friendship fill the pages of this gorgeously illustrated story.

A tiny old man is lonely and treated badly by everyone he meets. All he wants is a friend to spend time with. He decides to put up a sign, “FRIEND WANTED”. Eventually, a big dog comes along. They have a wonderful time together but when a little girl joins them, the tiny man worries that the dog will like her better and he will be alone again. Will kindness win in the end?

Elephant Island by Leo Timmers

Arnold is an elephant who loves the sea. Shipwrecked on a tiny island, he calls for help. Many smaller animals come to his aid however none has a boat big enough to rescue him. But the elephant is clever. He uses each animal’s boat to add to a structure on his little island. Page after page, the structure grows until the animals have a huge funfair to enjoy together!

Fantastically fun and full of detail, children will love looking at every page of this super book. The elephant’s engineering skills are brilliant and each animal brings new personality to the story. Readers will be choosing their favourites, laughing at the mishaps and predicting what the elephant will do next.

Thank you to Gecko Books & Laura Smythe PR for these wonderful books!

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