Book Review, Chapter Book (7-9)

Harley Hitch and the Missing Moon by Vashti Hardy & George Ermos

Harley Hitch is back in another brilliant adventure for young readers age 7+. This series is absolutely bursting with unique and fantastically fun characters. From the magnificent moon to the gorgeous stars to the brilliant fortune-telling fish in the Rusty River, there is something intriguing on every page.

It’s a new term and Harley is determined to be perfect. All she wants is to win Pupil of the Term and show everyone that she is so much more than wild schemes, explosions and chaos. Things start off well. Her nemesis Fenelda Spiggot isn’t causing too much trouble, her trusty robot dog Sprocket is by her side and her best friend, Cosmo, is doing all he can to help.

Then the circus comes to town…

Harley is completely taken in by Elle Disappearo the Great and her marvellous cabinet that makes objects disappear. After the show, Harley can’t help but sneak in for a closer look. Her love of mechanics and inventions gets the better of her. It all goes wrong and things start going missing – small things, large things, even the moon. Harley needs to own up to her mistake and sort out the mess she’s caused. In the process, she learns that things may not always be as they appear and that being herself is more important than anything else.

Harley Hitch is a wonderful role model for children. Strong-willed, scientifically minded and determined to do her best, she’s perfect just as she is.

Thank you to Scholastic for this fun book!

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