Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Thief Who Sang Storms by Sophie Anderson

Based on an intriguing Russian folk poem, Nightingale the Robber, telling of a mysterious man with bird-like features and a powerful, dangerous whistle, The Thief Who Sang Storms, is a captivating story of grief, finding hope in even the darkest of places, and the importance of unity in diversity. Readers will be completely mesmerised by the emotion of the story and carried on wings of magic.

Thirteen-year-old Linnet is an alkonost – a part of a community of bird people who have feathers instead of hair and sing magical songs that can change the world. At one time, her people lived in harmony with humans on the island of Morovia. Three years earlier, a terrible tidal wave caused a shipwreck, killing the queens of Morovia and Linnet’s mother. The Crown Heir Vasha was too young to rule so Captain Ilya of the royal guards took control and created a land of fear, division and sadness. Linnet and her father, Nightingale, were forced from their home into a life of exile.

Linnet wants nothing more than to restore the island to the wonderful place it used to be. The only trouble is her magic hasn’t arrived yet. She dreams of singing a song that will show everyone the error of their ways and bring her friends and family back together. Her desperation and hope take the reader on a heart-stopping adventure where everything is at risk.

This story is full of meaning. Linnet learns that no matter what happens, we always carry those we love in our hearts – even if we are separated, they are always there.

Thank you to Usborne for this beautiful book!

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