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Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest by Aisling Fowler – Review by Charlotte, age 13

Meet Twelve. The Pledge changed her name. She will change the world.

I first picked up this book because my Mum had been sent it and was about to start reading it and the cover intrigued me. I read the blurb, then the first page and then the next thing I knew, I was 6 chapters in and already felt part of the story. I have loved this book because its really exciting and there is so much mystery. I could never be bored reading Fireborn as there is adventure after adventure – there is always something happening. There is also so much unknown about the characters’ past and connections that I’ve been dying to find out seeing as they’re not aloud to talk about it at all.

The book is about a 13 year old girl who has been at the Hunters Lodge for a few years now training to be a Hunter with the other huntlings about her age. Fully trained hunters are there to protect all the clans from the dangerous but magical creatures also living in the land. When she arrived, she had to take the Pledge, the same pledge every huntling before her has taken, and give up her name and her past. She is now known as Twelve until she becomes a Hunter and can chose a new name for herself. Although an outcast among her fellow huntlings, Twelve is quite happy learning how to use all the weapons in the lodge and how to beat the fearsome creatures outside the high stone walls protecting the lodge. However, when ogres, goblins and much more manage to find a way into the lodge and take one if the huntlings in Twelve’s class, she seizes her chance to prove herself and save Seven with her pet squirrel, Widge. With the unwanted help of the Hunting Lodge Guardian, who likes to be called Dog, and 2 other huntlings who Twelve hates, she follows Seven’s trail across a snowy ridge and into the infamous Frozen Forest where everyone knows danger awaits.

I am 13 and in year 9 and I think this is a great book for my age group – girls and boys. It’s a top end middle grade for about 11-14 year olds as it’s very exciting. I was really pleased to see it’s a trilogy.

Thank you to Harper Collins (& my mum) for this exciting book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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