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The Forgotten Crown by James Haddell ~ Blog Tour

Tales of Truth and Treasure by James Haddell is a celebration of families brought together by adoption.

The Forgotten Crown is the highly-anticipated second book in the series. Tia Trevelyan has settled into her new family in Stormhaven but despite a growing sense of peace and belonging, she still has so many questions about her past. Who is she? Who is her birth family? What connection does she have to King Arthur and the Thirteen Treasures?

At the beginning of the Christmas holidays, the family travels to London to see “their” sword at the British Museum – the one Tia unearthed in The Lost Child’s Quest. There is still so much of the mystery to solve. When she and her sister, Megan, come across a strange man lurking near the Crown Jewels, they quickly realise that they are not the only ones searching for clues. Treasure hunters who will stop at nothing to succeed are looking for the Coron Arthur (The Crown of Arthur) and don’t want Tia, Meghan and their friend Pasco getting in their way. A brilliant combination of history and mystery take the trio to numerous legendary sites in their quest to uncover the truth. Reminiscent of Susan Cooper’s Under Sea Over Stone, each clue takes Tia one step closer to her connection to the past.

This is an exciting, fast-paced adventure brimming over with historical details. A wonderful collection of Arthurian elements have been woven together to create a gripping mystery. So often in middle grade stories, children are left completely on their own to find all the answers. In this story of love and family, Tia’s parents work with her, supporting her when they can. She doesn’t tell them everything she’s discovered and has secrets only she, Megan and Pasco know but her parents are very present and an important part of the story.

There is so much to this series. Here, in the second book, I feel like I’m deep inside the mystery. Readers are given the opportunity to learn a great deal about the shadowy connections between legends and the ways things really were in the past. Mr Teague, Tia’s teacher at the innovative Stormhaven school, is inspiring with his passion for immersive, hands-on learning and child-led enquiry. I wonder if this character is a reflection of the author himself.

When I reached the end of The Forgotten Crown, I wanted the adventure to continue. Tia has so much hope of a positive future and the security of a family who loves her. There is no doubt that she will, one day, find everything she is looking for.

Thank you to James Haddell & Emira Press for this powerful book!

Click here to listen to James Haddell reading from book one, The Lost Child’s Quest.

About the Author:

James has always loved stories and adventure. He spent most of his childhood in Kent reading and daydreaming then went to university in Durham. Four months volunteering for a Thai charity for children with disabilities in Bangkok after university changed everything.

He trained as a Primary school teacher, working in schools in London, before getting married and moving back to Thailand for seven years. After adopting two children and beginning writing The Tales of Truth Treasure, he returned to the UK and worked in Primary school and nursery setting as a teacher and Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-Ordinator.

James now lives in Somerset with his wife and three children, where he spends his time writing, teaching and being a dad and husband… though he still finds time to do a little reading and daydreaming now and then.

Visit the Tales of Truth and Treasure website to find out more and purchase books.

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