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Fledgling by Lucy Hope

Love is the food that nurtures them…

When a winged creature is blown into Cassie’s room during a storm, her life changes forever. Village folklore and rumours of the past manifest themselves in this unusual being. What is it? Why has it come? Who does it want?

The mysteries of this powerful story are carefully revealed bit by bit in a cleverly crafted plot. Readers are on the adventure with Cassie, never knowing what is coming next – each twist revealed at just the last moment.

Set in a 1900 Bavarian forest, Fledgling is a dark, gothic novel that challenges readers to explore the unknown, untapped strength, defeating evil and the power of song. The house is a technological marvel – a “zip” to transport inhabitants right through the middle of the house, a roof that opens so her mother can sing to the heavens, a prophetic owlery and so many secrets. Cassie realises that everything has been created for a purpose – to help her should history every repeat itself.

The evil in this story is strong. Cassie and her best friend, Raphael, must discover how to stop it before it destroys everything they are trying to protect. In the process, they discover their true potential and must learn to accept the reality of who they are. Acceptance, honesty and love run through the threads of this intriguing story.

When I reached the end of Fledgling, I wanted more. There is so much potential for this to grow into an epic series that explores the meaning of the unusual creatures and what impact they have on the human world.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for this gripping story!

Publishes: November 4th 2021

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