Book Review, Chapter Book (7-9)

Sky by Holly Webb & illustrated by Jo Anne Davies

I received this wonderful book a few months ago and showed it to my daughter who absolutely loves Holly Webb’s Winter Animal Stories. Then, a few days ago, I spotted Sky on Twitter and realised I hadn’t reviewed it. The reason – it never made it onto my TBR pile. Sure enough, I found it on my daughter’s bookshelf in her “Holly Webb” section. Begrudgingly, she’s loaned it to me so I can share it on my blog.

Sky is a magical time slip story that celebrates the value of rare birds, new friends and spending time with family. It’s Christmas. Lara and her parents are travelling all the way to the Scottish Highlands to visit her grandparents. Grandad shows her his amazing discovery – a beautiful Snowy Owl. Lara is drawn to it and can’t help going out into the cold again and again to try to find it.

One day, the owl seems to be leading her through the snow to the big house on the estate but she discovers something strange. The Christmas tree is covered in candles. When Lara meets an unusual girl, things just don’t add up. Has she found the key to a snow world lost in the past?

Lara realises the owl’s hatchlings are in danger. Desperate to protect them, she needs to work fast before she’s sent back to her own time.

Sky and the other Winter Animal Stories are so very readable. Perfect for children age 7+, the stories are powerful with real heart. Every character forms a strong bond with an incredible animal, encouraging readers to stand up for what they believe in and look after the natural world.

Thank you to Little Tiger for this special book! (I need to return it to my daughter now)

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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