Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Curse of the Dearmad by Emma Mylrea

Curse of the Dearmad is an engaging new middle grade fantasy from Emma Mylrea.

Twins, Percy and Nell, are starting high school. As if that isn’t challenging enough, there is something the matter with their mother and she has to go away to get well. Heartbroken, Percy and Nell struggle to think of anything they can do to help. Then Percy comes up with an answer. He will use his unusual gilly powers and follow his instincts to find the island of Doona. Folklore says that there is a tree that contains the sap of life – something that could help their mother.

With the help of his new gilly friend, Connor, Percy sets off on his quest. But Nell will not be the twin left behind. Using her own powers, she follows in the hope that she will be able to bring her family back together again.

Curse of the Dearmad takes readers on an epic journey into the unknown. Aided by amazing sea creatures along the way, Percy, Nell and Conner learn so much about themselves and each other. Family and friendship are central to this wonderful mix of folklore, fantasy and undersea adventure.

Thank you to Tiny Tree for this exciting book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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