Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Choose Your Own Adventure for the next generation

When I was a child, I loved the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. If you want to explore the castle, turn to page 71. If you want to battle the troll, turn to page 96. There were so many possibilities and so many endings.

This week, I was thrilled to discover two new books that follow this same reader-directed format.

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker by Gareth P Jones, illustrated by Louise Forshaw (Little Tiger)

With Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker, readers are right inside the shady, slightly creepy story. Chock-a-block with magnificent monsters, the reader-detective is taken to a variety of interesting settings in the attempt to find Dr Franklefink’s Monster Maker. Keep choosing where you want to go in an attempt to find the culprit and one of three possible endings. Goblins, witches, vampires and monsters will keep you on your toes every step of the way.

Shadowchaser: Choose Your Own Story by Simon Tudhope, illustrated by Tom Knight (Usborne)

Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowchaser is a fantasy gamebook with thrilling twists and turns. The reader is a part of the story and every decision is key. Children are able to keep track of their adventure using the logbook inside the front cover. They can keep track of life points, abilities and items they find along the way. They can fight opponents with a roll of the dice as they navigate this dark story. Each section is short and incredibly fast-paced. Choices come one after another, giving the reader complete control. But beware – not every choice is the right one. With hundreds of scenarios, this high-risk adventure will keep readers turning page after page.

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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