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My Favourite Book Character – Special Guest Post by Lucy (age 11)

Bear from the book The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

My favourite book character is Bear – a real life bear – from the book The Last Bear. I like this character because he is strong and powerful; he is also independent and knows how to look after himself. He got trapped on Bear Island since he went across the arctic ice caps with his mum but his mum then got very sick. Bear stayed and looked after his mum until eventually his mum died but by the time Bear left the cave to go back home, the ice caps had melted thanks to climate change.

Lots of different people came and went from Bear Island since they would be taking the temperature of Bear Island so that they can see how climate change is really affecting this place that is in the arctic circle. April and her father go to Bear Island because April’s father is a weather scientist and has been asked to keep track of the weather for six months. April got bored and decided to explore the island and that’s when she met Bear.

They went adventuring together and April rode on Bear’s back; they went up huge mountains and down steep slopes, they jumped over rivers and had loads of fun. April tried to help Bear get back to where he came from but it didn’t end very well. Eventually, April got Bear to where he belonged and Bear taught her how to roar like a bear and taught her how to be as strong as he is. April and her father went home and April never forgot about Bear and Bear never forgot about April.

Here is my mum’s review of The Last Bear

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