Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

We’re Moving Where?! by Glen Blackwell

I’m always looking for an extra dose of Canada. We’re Moving Where?! has been just what the doctor ordered. It has been wonderful to escape from lockdown life and take a trip to the incredible wilderness of my home country.

We’re Moving Where?! is the captivating story of a young boy’s adventures when his family moves from England to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Harry and his parents live close to the land, protecting the environment and caring for wildlife.

When Harry first learns they will be moving, his biggest concern is the lack of internet. How will he ever be able to keep in touch with his friends, watch tv and play video games? However, once he arrives in northern Ontario, his priorities change. He is forced to reconsider his “basic needs” and find new ways of doing things. He discovers the value of a hand-written letter from a far away friend and how special it is to spend quality time with his parents.

School work doesn’t stop just because he’s moved away. There’s still maths and spelling to do but there is so much more to learn. Whether it’s felling trees for their wood cabin, building a fence to keep a moose away from their tent or avoiding bears while fishing, every day is full of new experiences and challenges.

We’re Moving Where?! celebrates a change of pace and eco-friendly living. Readers learn how a family can survive without all of our technological conveniences and create a life that is rewarding and full.

Thank you to Glen Blackwell for this fascinating book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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