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The Storm Keepers’ Battle by Catherine Doyle

The Storm Keepers’ Battle is the action-packed, emotional  conclusion to Catherine Doyle’s Storm Keeper Trilogy. This brilliant middle grade fantasy will carry readers away on an exciting adventure through wind, waves and the magic of memories.

The island of Arranmore off the west coast of Ireland is bursting with magic. Good and evil have long battled for control of this beautiful land. Fionn Boyle has inherited the role of Storm Keeper – protector of the island – and it is up to him to defeat the evil Morrigan once and for all.

This is a story about discovering who you are truly meant to be. Fionn must find the confidence and courage to rally the people of Arranmore and lead them in the greatest challenge of their lives. The trouble is, he doesn’t think he can do it. He needs to be a superhero when he feels like he’s anything but. As he moves closer to the final battle, his confidence grows. He has no choice but to step up and be brave. The stakes are high and there is no time to waste.

The relationships between Fionn and his faithful sidekicks, Sam and Shelby, and his trying big sister, Tara, are so real. Their banter, good humour and genuine care for each other leap off the page. There is no doubt that they would do anything for each other. This is not a battle Fionn can win on his own. Friendship, family, community and trust are essential to carry them through.

The most precious thing about this series is Fionn’s relationship with his grandfather, Malachi – the Storm Keeper who came before him. His love, wisdom and lessons about the importance of family and holding tightly to memories of the past are what Fionn must rely on as he steps up to lead the island. He realises he doesn’t have to be perfect to be a hero, he just needs to believe.

Thank you to Bloomsbury’s Children’s Books for this exciting book!

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