Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Girl with her Head in the Clouds by Karen McCombie & illustrated by Anneli Bray

I love historical novels, especially ones based on true stories! This uplifting book by Karen McCombie (author of the brilliant Little Bird series) tells the tale of the adventurous, quick-witted Dolly Shepherd – a real young woman who became a pioneering aviatrix in the early 1900s. She went against the expectations of young women in Edwardian Britain by climbing high into the sky in a hot air balloon and then floating back to earth with only a parachute to slow her descent.

Dolly always dreamed of flying but following your dreams isn’t always easy. She had to stand up for herself, face her aunt’s disapproval and take risks she never imagined. Inspired by Suffragettes fighting for the same rights as men and addicted to the thrill, she found freedom in the sky and a new life of absolute joy.

Young readers will love this story of gravity-defying stunts and real-life risk. Written for readers age 8+, it is both engaging and accessible. With Barrington Stoke’s special treatment, the font, spacing and page tint make reading easier for everyone, especially those who benefit from dyslexia-friendly features. The vocabulary is exciting and appropriate to the time period yet accessible.

Thank you to Barrington Stoke for this inspiring book!

Little Bird Flies & Little Bird Lands by Karen McCombie

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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