Book Review, Early Reader

Super Early Readers from Oxford University Press

Mirabelle Breaks the Rules by Harriet Muncaster

Mirabelle is back! This half-witch half-fairy promises she won’t get into mischief at school but we all know this is a promise she can never keep! At Miss Spindlewick’s Witch School for Girls there are just too many opportunities for things to go wrong. Whether it’s in Potions class with her best friend or flying practice out on the playground, Mirabelle can’t help but break the rules. Thankfully, Mum can make everything better with ice cream sundaes.

Young readers will love this early reader with its eye-catching purple and black illustrations. The language is so appealing and easy to read. There is enough challenging vocabulary to make it feel more grown-up while each character is cleverly described to bring them to life. The recipe for Squished Spider Biscuits with a quiz and a puzzle too finish this book off wonderfully!

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Kitty and the Twilight Trouble by Paula Harrison & illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

Kitty and the Twilight Trouble is the sixth book in the brilliant Kitty series.

Kitty is a wonderful, young superhero with fantastic feline powers. She can see in the dark, jump and do somersaults, and has incredible hearing. Not only that, but she can talk to animals too!

The funfair has come to town with its rides, toffee apples and candy floss. There’s excitement in the air for Kitty and her cat crew. All except one – Pixie has gone off with a new cat and they seem to be causing trouble. On this heart-stopping adventure, Kitty must push hurt feelings aside and be there for her friend when she really needs her.

Young readers will be captivated by this daring, late night adventure. Aimed at age 5+, this early chapter book series is perfect for building confidence in readers who are ready for the next level of challenge. The chapters are accessible and engaging with beautiful illustrations to draw children in. The black and orange colour scheme creates memorable images while the sweet faces of the characters ensure they will become much loved friends for many years. The text is set into the illustrations, drawing the eye around the page and making the story and illustrations one. With some slightly more difficult vocabulary, children will be stretched to use all of their reading strategies creating a sense of accomplishment as they move through the book. This series would also be perfect for a read aloud in class or at home, creating anticipation with a desire to read on and find out what happens next. 

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