Book Review, Early Reader

Kitty and the Treetop Adventure by Paula Harrison & Jenny Lovlie

Girl by day, Cat by night, Ready for Adventure

Kitty is ready to be a superhero and use her feline powers to help others! With the wonderful ability to talk to cats, Kitty and her cat crew of Pumpkin, Figaro, Pixie and Katsumi make sure their neighbourhood is happy and safe. She is as charming as ever in her fourth book written by Paula Harrison and illustrated by Jenny Lovlie.

In this story, Kitty meets a new friend. She really hopes they are going to have something in common. When they decide to have a sleepover in her treehouse, it doesn’t take long before Katsumi, one of her cat crew, appears with the message that there’s trouble at the bakery. Kitty and Ozzy spring into action to solve the mystery and save the day! Along the way, Kitty discovers the truth about Ozzy.  

With an emphasis on kindness to animals, friendship and teamwork, this series is fantastic for young readers. They will soon be swept away in the adventure and fall in love Kitty and her animal friends. The “Super Facts About Cats” at the end of the book are fascinating and may cause children to look at their own pets in a new way. Perhaps they have adventures at night when no one is watching? The overarching message of these stories is something that all children need to hear: Remember, you’re braver than you think.

Aimed at age 5+, this early chapter book series is perfect for building confidence in young readers who are ready for the next level of challenge. The chapters are accessible and engaging with beautiful illustrations to draw children in. The black and orange colour scheme creates memorable images while the sweet faces of the characters ensure they will become much loved friends for many years. The text is set into the illustrations, drawing the eye around the page and making the story and illustrations one. With some slightly more difficult vocabulary, children will be stretched to use all of their reading strategies creating a sense of accomplishment as they move through the book. This series would also be perfect for a read aloud in class or at home, creating anticipation with a desire to read on and find out what happens next.  

Thank you to Oxford University Press for this gorgeous book! It will be published on 7th May 2020.

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