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Rooso Takes to the Sky by Moira & Louis Benoit

Join Rooso (the cockerel) and his friends Montauciel (the sheep) and a duck with no name on their incredible adventure. It’s France in 1783 and these intrepid animals are the first passengers ever to fly in a hot air balloon.

They belong to the Montgolfier family who love inventing things, especially Joseph-Michel who would rather spend time in the barn with the animals and his inventions than talking to others.

One day, Joseph-Michel makes an incredible discovery that prompts a new theory and his hot air balloon idea is born! At great cost to his family, he makes his dream a reality. Fortunate connections to the king and queen lead to a celebrated launch at the Palace of Versailles.  The first flight is a success and the animals are heroes! Joseph-Michel is inspired and returns to his inventing, creating all sorts of amazing things.

As for the animals, they return to a quiet life on the farm – until Joseph-Michel becomes interested in developing the parachute and turns to the animals once more!

Rooso tells this fascinating, true story in such an engaging manner. The personality and perspective of the animals is absolutely charming while the factual detail and wonderful illustrations combine to completely immerse readers in an amazing story! So many funny and surprising details are shared.  

Although it is set out in picture book format, the pages are bursting with text making this fascinating book suitable for Key Stage Two children. It would be a brilliant accompaniment to a topic about early flight alongside other hot air balloon stories such as The Girl with her Head in the Clouds by Karen McCombie and Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll.  

Thank you to Moira & Louis Benoit for this wonderful book! I can’t wait to share it.

This book is available through Louis Benoit’s website – Click Here

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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