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A Sprinkle of Sorcery by Michelle Harrison

A Sprinkle of Sorcery is Michelle Harrison’s spellbinding sequel to A Pinch of Magic. Living on Crowstone Island with their granny and father, the three Widdershins sisters dream of a better life in a happier place. When it seems like their dreams will never come true and they are surrounded by nothing but bad omens, a mysterious night-time visitor changes everything.  Suddenly, they find themselves journeying through the tales their father used to tell them when they were small and using every ounce of bravery and determination they have to try to make it back alive. The adventures they’d always dreamed of have become a reality. The girls find they are stronger together and that they would do anything for each other.

After Charlie is kidnapped, Betty, Fliss and their new friend, Willow, set off across the water to a mysterious island. With magical maps, pirate ships, sunken treasure, new friends and enormous challenges, will they be able to defeat the enemy, solve the mystery and rescue their sister? Their only hope is to stay true to themselves by choosing to do the right thing, using their intellect to work out the puzzles and remembering that it is better to be known for being kind than being wealthy.  

 At the centre of this enchanting story are wonderful, mystical creatures, the Will-o’-the-Wisp. Folklore says Wisps are ghost-like glowing lights that whisper to travellers, luring them off course until they are lost in the night. Stories of Wisps can be found all over the world as their magic and beauty charm those in search of fairy-like beings who inhabit woods, marshes and meadows. Our family’s fascination with Wisps originated with the Disney film Brave. Merida sees Wisps when she is tiny as they lead her away from a dangerous bear. When she’s older, they lead her to the witch who ultimately teaches Merida what is most important in life. Since first seeing the film, our daughter has been sure she has spotted Wisps in the woods in Scotland and believes they are her friends, protecting her and leading her to enchanted places. Looking for magic makes adventures that much more exciting.

The detail of the folklore and symbolism at the centre of A Sprinkle of Sorcery is fantastic. The reader can’t help but be swept away in the adventures of the three sisters and be charmed by the sprinkle of sorcery they have between them. At every turn, the girls face a new adversary with exceptional courage as it becomes more and more clear that the villains have messed with the wrong family!

We’re looking forward to the third adventure for this magical family, A Tangle of Spells, in February 2021!

How well do you know the Widdershins? Try this quiz from Michelle Harrison:

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