Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison

The Widdershins sisters are back with their third magical fantasy adventure. They are finally leaving their home in Poacher’s Pocket, a ramshackle pub on Crowstone Island. Moving on from the gloom of the prison and the Sorrow Isles, they journey to the mainland and a bright future.

Fliss, Betty and Charlie, along with Father, Granny and Oi, the cat, arrive at Blackbird Cottage – a crooked house with a story to tell. The mysteries of their new home don’t take long to reveal themselves with lines of salt on the window sills and silver coins in the corner of every room. The inhabitants of the village of Pendlewick are just as strange as the house.  Stories of witches, the Hungry Tree and the Tick Tock Forest are intriguing but more than a little frightening too. As the girls try to make friends and settle in, they discover that they may not be in for a quiet new life after all.

Readers will be carried away on an adventure full of witchcraft and the unknown. Curses, spells, enchanted houses and a missing girl weave together to create a spell-binding story bursting at the seams with more than a pinch of magic. Through the power of their family, the girls work together to find truth, goodness and hope for the future. There is little stronger than sisters who are striving to defeat evil and fill the world with good.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Children’s Books for this enchanting story!

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