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Isabelle and the Crooks by Michelle Robinson & illustrated by Chris Mould

Michelle Robinson is one of my children’s favourite picture book authors. There are so many great stories to choose from. They’ve read and reread There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes while discussing which animal they’d like to win and found The World Made a Rainbow wonderfully touching after a year of lockdowns. Isabelle and the Crooks is another fantastically unique story about an extraordinary kid in even more extraordinary circumstances. Chris Mould’s marvellous illustrations elevate this book to something truly special.

Isabelle Crook belongs to a family of “Crooks”. Daddy is sneaky, Mummy is stealthy, Grandma & Grandpa are cunning and Little Barney loves to break the law. Isabelle doesn’t want to be like any of them. She would much rather stay at home and do nice things instead.

When the family plans to steal the crown jewels, Isabelle decides to do the unthinkable proving she is no ordinary Crook!

This is an absolutely charming story about doing the right thing. It’s never too late to put things right and enjoy being good.

This half-term, we’re going to enjoy this story together and spend some time drawing Isabelle and her brilliantly bad family.

Thank you to Walker Books for this gorgeously charming picture book!

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