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Carnival of the Lost by Kieran Larwood ~ Blog Tour with an exclusive extract

A wonderfully murky, carnivalesque world of intrigue in the start of a
new series from Blue Peter Book Award winning author, Kieran

You’re in for a treat with an exclusive extract of the first chapter of this high stakes adventure! But be warned – once you start reading this intriguing tale, you won’t want to stop!

Click on the book cover below to read chapter one of Carnival of the Lost!

Carnival of the Lost by Kieran Larwood & illustrated by Sam Usher is the story of an unlikely group of brave adventurers who set out to do what is right despite the heartless way the world treats them. Each a little bit different, each completely special in their own way, this group of misfits finds trust and friendship as they band together to solve the mystery of a strange mechanical monster dragging children into the Thames and reveal the villains behind it.

Set in the dark underworld of Victorian London, 8-year-old Sheba the Wolf Girl joins a group of carnival performers who, like her, have never fit in with ordinary society. Treated like animals, laughed at and exploited for their uniqueness, they have never been the heroes – never had purpose. Everything changes when they meet Till, a young mudlark, who shows them kindness. Suddenly, they must rely on teamwork and their individual strengths to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Fascinated by The Great Exhibition and everything mechanical, Sheba has an insatiable curiosity (and an incredible sense of smell) that leads her to answers beyond the carnival and proves she is deserving of so much more of what life has to offer.

Sam Usher’s double-page illustrations pull readers right into the action. Depicting key events in the story, they not only help readers imagine the fascinating characters but add to the atmosphere of the grubby, dark and often cruel side of London that history sometimes chooses to forget.

Thank you to Faber Children’s for this fantastic book!

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