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Amazing Animals by Sabrina Weiss & Paul Daviz ~ Blog Tour

Racing cheetahs, stinky lemurs, sleepy koalas, diving polar bears and more! Amazing Animals by Sabrina Weiss and illustrated by Paul Daviz is the just the type of book children absolutely love!

Each double page spread shares fascinating details about diverse animals in their habitats. Organised into categories such as “Fight or Flight!”, “Stinky Creatures” and “Life in the Extreme Cold”, readers are able to spot similarities and differences among animals they might not usually find grouped together. The centre of the book pulls it altogether with an amazing fold out world map showing all the animals from the book on their home continents.

Children love lists and Amazing Animals has some great ones: “Longest Animal Migrations”, “Ten Biggest Animals”, “Animals that Produce Many Young”, and “Longest Living Animals”. These will prompt questioning as readers look at animals in a new way.

As this book was designed for children, I thought I would go straight to the source and ask my 11-year-old twins what they thought of it. They devoured it! Immediately engaged, they were going backwards and forwards through the book looking for specific animals, amazed by the facts they found. They navigated using the contents and index and were excitedly surprised by what they discovered. The thematic pages worked really well for them because while they were looking at one animal, they were drawn to others with similar features. This stretched their understanding and helped them to analyse and compare.

Lucy said it was fun but informative. She loved the map and looking at the parts of the world where the animals came from. She especially liked learning about the difference between leopard, jaguar and cheetah coats. She kept a list of her favourite animals in the book and really struggled to narrow it down: cheetah, leopard, penguin, koala, jaguar, polar bear, barn owl, giant panda and dolphin.

Tom went straight to the index to see if there was anything about his favourite animals – cats. He was thrilled to find there was lots to choose from. He was soon reading about black panthers and discovering facts he didn’t know before. He also loved the giant panda but his new favourite piece of information is about a jellyfish who is theoretically immortal (as long as no one eats it)!

This is a book children will come back to again and again to find new facts about animals. It’s definitely going to be a favourite in our house.

Thank you to What on Earth Books & Laura Smythe PR for our copy!

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