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Epic Adventures by Sam Sedgman & Sam Brewster

This is the book to stop train enthusiasts in their tracks! On its own, it is an absolutely fantastic non-fiction book for children and adults alike. Paired with the Adventures on Train series also by author Sam Sedgman and his co-writer, MG Leonard, it is the most perfect fiction/non-fiction combination ever!

Epic Adventures takes readers around the world on 12 amazing real-life train journeys. A brightly coloured map of each route is accompanied by tiny details of what travellers will encounter along the way. Facts are dotted around each double-page spread giving details of the location, important aspects of geography, development of the route, significant people and places, and the impact of the railway.

Featuring some of the routes already explored in the Adventure on Trains series, readers will love finding out more about these exciting settings. My son wonders if some of the other routes included in this book give clues to future Adventures on Trains mysteries! We’re really hoping for a Canadian adventure with stops in many of the places we’ve visited together.

This truly is the work of an expert who is passionate about railways. The language is so engaging, reminiscent of the descriptive passages in Adventures on Trains, the details are fascinating and Sam Brewster’s amazing illustrations pull it altogether into a wonderful reading experience.

There’s always a lot of talk about Reading for Pleasure – well, this book sums it up. Children will be queuing up to read it, enthusiastically sharing the gorgeous pages and all the fascinating facts they discover.

Thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books & NetGalleyUK for this fantastic book!

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