Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Muddlemoor Mysteries: The Book Club Bank Heist by Ruth Quayle & illustrated by Marta Kissi

February 2022 – Lower Middle Grade

It’s the Easter holidays and 9 year-old Joe is thrilled to be back at his Granny’s house with his cousins, Tom and Pip. They love spending time together, especially when their parents aren’t around (and there are biscuits on offer). One of their favourite things to do together, besides going to the shop for sweets, is solve mysteries. According to this crime-fighting trio, Muddlemoor is REALLY DANGEROUS and bad things are ALWAYS happening.

When they hear news of masked robbers targeting shops in the nearby town of Stonely, things start to get exciting. They decide to be proactive and look for clues so they can protect their Granny and get to the bottom of this case! Events take a shocking turn when her book club starts act suspiciously. Maybe the criminal isn’t who they originally thought after all!

Joe’s voice is absolutely charming. He adores his cousins and is so enthusiastic about everything they get wrapped up in. Their over-exuberance is sure to land them in trouble but they’re certainly going to have fun along the way.

This is the second mystery for these chaotic, clever kids. Their first book, Peril at the Bake Off, is another hilarious who-dunnit, bursting with the same innocent determination and childhood joy.

Thank you to Andersen Press for this fantastic book!

Read my review of Peril at the Bake Off here.

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